From Liz: No Matter Who Is President of Iran, They Would Stone Me | CommonDreams.org.

Jezebel – Whatever, Edward Cull-Ken, You’re Not The Sparkliest Doll On The Block – twilight.

From Sarah:  Jezebel – Bacardi Ad Uses Misogyny To Sell Alcohol To Women – Bacardi get an ugly girlfriend.

The Language of Sighs – DivineCaroline.

From Liz: Barrel ‘monster’ gets student arrested – Weird news- msnbc.com.


From Liz: Jezebel – Having Kids: Sometimes The Answer Is Just “No” – sterilization.

From Liz: Paul Begala Schools Meghan McCain (VIDEO).

The War Over Waxman-Markey | Mother Jones. Pass it or don’t, something else will come back to make it better if need be.

Tehran in Turmoil | Mother Jones.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – California to Solve Budget Crisis With Make-Believe.

Truthdig – Arts and Culture – Google Caves to Porn-Weary China. Google censorship?




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