Things I’ve realized in the past few weeks:

  • I need to have a job that keeps me busy for at least 14hrs. of each day. This past weekend, and for the rest of this week, I’ll have nothing to do but dog sit.  Yes, I could go out with my friends, but that group is limited here.  Yes I could read, but I’ve already finished three books since last Friday…and I need to stay “normal” and that is pushing it.  Yes I could go to the gym, but I am already running/lifting six days a week, and yoga five days a week.  Yes, I could fill my time with more vegging out, but this past weekend I watched Weeds seasons 1-4 and felt anxious like I should be doing something else more productive with my time.  Yes, I can fill it with little projects…but last week, I made three [stellar] dresses from Vogue patterns my mom found me and this week I’m making cards for Kristal’s wedding shower…the Thank You cards for her to send to all 40 guests….Conclusion: I thrive on five hours of sleep after a long day of running around, near panic attacks, and hair-twirling, half distracted hard work.
  • Teach for America sucks balls. “Liz will be an amazing teacher” how many times has that statement been implied on this blog? Enough to mean that it is true.  She had a weekend-long interview at the school district of her choice this past weekend, her the only 48hrs. where she is not consumed by her grad-school work [in Education!].  Great location, great teacher benefits, and the potential to put her skills as Reading Specialist to work to benefit the kids right away….BUT…they just had the Teach for America numbers come in and they might not be able to hire her after all, as there are so many TFA staffers they have to place.  I call BULLSHIT.  Now, like most white-middle-class-privileged-college-educated kids, programs like TFA seem like a great idea…for the person involved mainly.  My dad as a school board member attended conferences all over the nation where he repeatedly was exposed to the greatest ways to make an impact on children in the classroom, one of those ways includes being in the classroom for at least four years.  Repeat:  it takes about three years to be affective in the classroom.  So with all of these studies…can we still say TFA is all about the kids?  Conclusion:  They better hire Liz or her unemployed friend may have to punch someone.
  • Anytime I don’t like something/someone I say “You’re going to get punched.” I don’t know why this has become my automatic answer to everything, but I say it at least twice every hour outloud, in my head, or to the littler of the two puppies.  Conclusion:  Don’t punch anybody.
  • Denver, might not be that bad for a little while. It is fucking hot! I can’t take it! I know I should be use to this, as a native and all, plus the humidity is not half as bad in DFW as CS.  My dad says its around 75 all day in Denver…and they just bought their house…full basement…separate entrance…mountain view…I could “stay on the job search, get your [yoga] certification and take some art classes Downtown and we wouldn’t bother you.”  Um, hello, how tempting is that?!?!  [and Sarah, I’ve asked and you’re in too, on the condition you keep your room clean!]  Conclusion: Must get job offer in August, or I’ll be living in my parents’ basement sub-terrain apartment FOR-EV-ER.
  • No matter what the instructor says, there is a correct form for every yoga pose and I’m the only one doing it RIGHT! So I’m planning on getting certified in yoga, part of the reason I let it beat me up for 10hrs a week.  My instructor does not correct the positioning of the other students and it really bothers me.  As a dance teacher, it is important to me that the students fix their body in order to prevent injury and to, oh yeah, do it properly.  I realize that everyone in the class is not looking to get certified or is obsessed as I am, but some of them are and her not correcting their bad habits is only doing damage! Conclusion: I will be the best yoga instructor ever.
  • I need to learn my lesson the first time around. This can be taken many ways, especially considering the conditions of…well, this summer.  Conclusion:  Fill up the gas tank when the light goes on.
  • It will take just one job to make me employed. I’ve applied for 58 jobs in the last three weeks and even if I apply to 1,000 it will only take one for me to have a job.  Conclusion:  I cannot obsess over sending out 20 applications a week…this takes me back to the top bullet point I think.
  • I don’t think I could ever be a stripper. Two of the books I’ve read this week are about stripping.  One is a memoir from a girl who put herself through Brown University by stripping, and the dichotomous life she led.  The second is by acclaimed screenwriter Diablo Cody, who spent a year [back when she was around my age] stripping, etc. just to feel the rush and build confidence.  I’m too inside my head and my feelings are too outside on my body for me to do it.  Conclusion: One more job scratched from the list of back-ups.
  • vandal is going to be the shit. We’ve gotten all of the submissions and it is going to be so amazing!  It is packed full of inspiration and energy and guts that it scares me a little bit when I’m alone with the copy in my room.  Conclusion:  Good things are worth the wait.
  • When famous people I admire visit me in my dreams and give me advice, I need to listen to it. Jill Soloway says to write…and so I write, then suddenly I’m back in my voice and writing a solid set of essays.  Barack Obama says to move to DC and come visit him in the White House…and so I should move there?  Conclusion:  um…we’ll see.
  • I love the rush of deadlines and dirty politics. With all of the drama surrounding the power struggle of Texas A&M administrators, I had to get back in the action.  When Dustin emailed me asking for a press release to send out to the TX papers, of course I said I’d do it.  I can’t even describe what it feels like to know that you have to get the best, most strategic perfect wording on the screen and off to the press and in only two hours.  I did have a little more time to work on this, but still the energy was still there.  Conclusion: Must find way to tell employers in cover letter that I work really well when stressed to the limit consistently.
  • I can be a writer, so long as I write. I’ve been working on my “what if I have a small vagina?” inspired story, and if I do say so myself, it is coming along great.  I’ll probably complete the first draft this weekend and send it first to Sarah to read.  Then revise then send to Daniel.  Then revise and send back to Daniel, then continue this process till it is strong enough to send to Bitch or Bust or anything else that has the kick-ass-girl-power spirit.  Conclusion: Write, dammit.



2 responses to “me.update

  1. I’m really, tremulously excited about vandal coming out.

    Re: Tiny Vagina piece: Write the first draft. Then use Google Docs. You can “send” it to all of your reviewers, track changes, and back it up as you go along.


  2. can’t wait for vandal to come out!.. really excitied.

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