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We trade in the responsibilities of democratic citizenship for the pleasure of a superfan’s enthusiasm by simply backing whatever is being pushed by the political Michael Jordan we like.



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Remember last week when Hillary Clinton stood in front of the world and defended access to reproductive health care as a “basic right”?

“If we believe that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, then we cannot accept the ongoing marginalization of half the world’s population,” Secretary Clinton said one week ago today. “We cannot accept it morally, politically, socially, or economically.”


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Bullshit like this is why we need a public option, in my opinion.

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Even Kleenex’s are gendered now.

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“You might hear there is war. People are killed. Acid poured into faces of girls. Every day there is bombing, rocket shelling, torturing. But the women of Afghanistan get up in the morning and say goodbye to their family and go to work and go to the learning center. They found out that this is the only way they can stop the problem. They must be educated. And they are learning. And they are not afraid.”


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Read both Angie and Sarah‘s most recent posts!

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Whoohoo Sarah Haskins!