first, i’ll go ahead an acknowledge that it has been nearly a year since i have posted anything.  this is where i say, ‘so much has happened since then..’, ‘i’ve learned so much,’ and on and on.  so pretend that i’ve just filled you in.

writing everyday is a good habit to have.  one that i constantly break but must relapse to.

my cousin has recently started blogging about her training for a tough.mudder this summer.  you’ll see how ‘voice’ runs in our family.  she has managed to take a topic that a great many fill endless posts about and make it original, funny, and inspiring.  she has inspired me to try and return with a similar outlook.

so i guess a little update-bulleted-list is in order:

  • i started classes this past summer.  i’m too smart to be just a masters student, so phd classes are mixed in so that my few required classes are tolerable.  i don’t say this to be an ass, but rather, to show my disappointment in my peers.  we’re reading the same articles/books/thinkers and all have busy lives, yet none take any extra effort in exploring topics further.  so i remain silently frustrated many a nights in class.  [and for the count, i have been required to write over 67 paper so far in my 6ish months of class].
  • i still manage to read several books each month that are neither assigned nor pertaining to my studies, but more on this later.
  • i have a serious boyfriend.  i say serious not because its public on facebook but because he is a seriously good person for me to be partnered with.  i use to be really goofy and light-hearted and worry-free when i was a teenager.  even now, still daily struggling with my ptsd, he lets me be that way again.  one of my old roommates, courtney, use to say that dating should be about learning about yourself while helping someone else to do the same.  that is what my relationship is with mark.
  • i’ve dropped 13% body fat.  while i’ve always been obsessive with my workouts, i can attribute this drastic physical change in my body to my eating habits.  i eat 95% organic, mainly fruits and veggies, and nothing at all processed.  i also drink my weight in ounces of water each day.  i still work out, and until recently again, do only 3-4 workouts a week–very hard, yet short workouts.
  • that until recently above, refers to my goals towards completing my first…and second…and third triathlons this year.  i’ve signed up for the boulder.tri.series which includes a sprint, olympic, and half-ironman distance.  setting goals and chasing after them is the best way for me to stay disciplined and organized.  i’ll blog about my progress here a little, as in many of the books i’ve read retelling the stories of successful triathletes, almost all of them kept some sort of public blog to help them stay accountable.  i’m more interested in keeping a record of what i do and how i feel about it so i can give advice to my friends who may want to do so in the future.  i hope to have completed an ironman by my 10yr high school reunion in 2014.

the most agonizing paper to write each semester is not the last 30pger, but rather the first, maybe 2 pages of each semester.  while i’ve already written several of those already, i hope that i can stick with blogging a little more regularly and increase my muscle endurance so that those next few beginning of semester papers are enjoyable.


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