t r u t h o u t | Zombie Politics and Other Late Modern Monstrosities in the Age of Disposability. This guy’s new book is going to change my world.

Monsters of disaster are special kinds of divine warning. They are harbingers of things we do not want to face, of catastrophes, and we fear they will bring such events upon us by coming to us.

Do We Need Websites For Women? – Women’s blogs – Jezebel.

Because of these possibilities, women’s blogs aren’t just blogs for women. They’re blogs about issues that affect women — issues as various as reproductive rights, healthcare reform, world affairs, and yes, Battlestar Galactica — for anyone who happens to read about them. Many of these readers are women, but many of them are men, and some of them — both male and female — are bound to be people who haven’t thought much about feminism or women’s issues per se before. Women’s blogs can sometimes be echo chambers, but they can also reach a wide and diverse audience, some of whose minds will surely be opened by the experience.

Going Rogue: It’s All About The Insults – Going rogue review – Jezebel.

Feministing.com “The Washington Times Wes Pruden’s racist-ass remarks about the president’s lack of “blood impulse” only further proves we live in what is very far from a post-racial America.”

Asshat Interview of the Day, with Director James Cameron – Feministing.

Among Late-Night Writers, Few Women in the Room – NYTimes.com.

Truthdig – Reports – The Demilitarization of the White House.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – Toxic Fallujah. [*pictures/videos will make you cry…so send to everyone who is pro-life and supports the occupations in Iraq/Afghanistan].

t r u t h o u t | Girldrive: Talking to 200-Plus Women About the F Word.

But Are Ballet Slippers & Blake Incarcerated Included? – Amy winehouse barbie – Jezebel.

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