As you maybe, definitaly, probably did not notice, I will occassionally throw up a top.10.reads with no mention of how I am doing.  Originally I had wanted to take ample notes throughout my “work” so I could compile a storyline of what it is like to be organizing in an environment like the one that has now adopted me.  But alas, I started living too much in the now not thinking about how I could be living in forever–forever meaning what I could share could make a greater difference than not sharing it at all.

Rewatching West Wing certainly has led to my reinspiration and return to “writing” [or whatever it is when I actually sit down and type a few things, some of which you get to see here] but really I think it more of a return to THINKING.  Not to say I’ve been caught-up and transformed into the cliche California airhead, but that I’ve removed myself from a larger consciousness.

I have been writing letters to friends since I started work, mainly because I enjoy it but also because I myself like getting mail–it reminds me that I do, in fact, live here.  My next post will be the first of many.  I cannot promise consistency in their postings, but know that everyday in my mind I write a letter like the one I’m about to post, and not just to that one recipient, but to many who will never receive these letters because I will never write them.  This series I am doing because it is an easy way to get my mind back into the present-politik in a manner that I have grown comfortable with.

There will be other updates, some not so serious that I know you’ll giggle over and hide your screen…but those must wait for the more serious updates hold the most urgency, as they are at the point of spilling over into tears, or sprints, or whatever it is that makes me go uncomfortably crazy.

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