The Rights of Corporations//NYTimes  um, batshit crazy?

In an exchange this month with Chief Justice Roberts, the solicitor general, Elena Kagan, argued against expanding that narrowly defined personhood. “Few of us are only our economic interests,” she said. “We have beliefs. We have convictions.” Corporations, “engage the political process in an entirely different way, and this is what makes them so much more damaging,” she said.

Chief Justice Roberts disagreed: “A large corporation, just like an individual, has many diverse interests.” Justice Antonin Scalia said most corporations are “indistinguishable from the individual who owns them.”

Globalization Goes Bankrupt//TruthDig

Clinton on Gore: “I Thought He Was in Neverland”//Mother Jones  I’ll listen to any dish involving Maureen Dowd.

Clinton: Don’t Ask Dems to “Commit Suicide” With Climate Bill//Mother Jones

“I still think the president should try really hard to pass climate change legislation this year, in addition to health care,” he said. Without passing it, he said, the U.S. will appear “long in the tooth… We need to be tomorrow’s country.”

A Clunker, Not a Cadillac//TruthDig  “Finally, a healthcare proposal George W. Bush could love.”

Are Young Workers Ready for Unions (and Vice Versa)?//InTheseTimes

We need to revitalize and unify labor at every level.  We need to reach out to unorganized workers –especially those under 35 — who, for whatever reason, don’t see us as the answer to the economic problems they face.

It’s not that today’s young people don’t like unions; it’s just that they really don’t know about us. Their images come from the movies and corporate America. And that’s our fault.

Our message needs to resonate across generational lines. For the first time in history, we have four generations in our movement as active and retired workers, ranging from those whose lives were shaped by the great depression and World War II, to the well-documented baby boomers, to Generation X, and to the millennials, those born in the 1980s and later.

There is a world of difference in their life experiences. As we saw in the report on younger workers issued by the AFL-CIO last week, one in three worries about finding a permanent full-time job with benefits.  And an equal number are still living with their parents.  How many of you can relate?

Vintage Sexism: 1943 Guide to Hiring Women Feministing.com

Facebook Stalking: Isn’t it Romantic?//Jezebel

Is America Hooked on War? The Nation 


Up 131%, And Still Going


Tell Us Something We Don’t Know, Now What Are You Going To Do About It Dept.: A Kaiser Family Foundation survey found the average family premium for health insurance rose to $13,375 last year, a jump of 5% even as inflation fell .7%. That makes for an obscene rise of 131% over the past ten years, when wages increased only 38%. One more time: public option, anyone?


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