Obama Leaves Bush-Cheney Repressive Apparatus Standing | The Progressive.

An Obama Quid Pro Quo for Labor’s Support? – Working In These Times.

Local First: A Strategy For Employee Free Choice – Working In These Times.

Truthdig – Reports – Jimmy Carter Is Right.

t r u t h o u t | The Politics of Lying and the Culture of Deceit in Obama’s America: The Rule of Damaged Politics.

Lies are often much more plausible, more appealing to reason, than reality, since the liar has the great advantage of knowing beforehand what the audience wishes or expects to hear.

Hannah Arendt

t r u t h o u t | “We Made Them Millions, and They Complain About Insurance”.

Anything but early marriage is a “relationship wasteland” – Feministing. Yay!

“Don’t You Just Love Your [Insert Ethnicity] Nanny?” – Labor – Jezebel.

Enough With This Crap About Women’s Unhappiness – Women’s unhappiness – Jezebel.


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