Taking the Helm, Trumka Calls for a ‘New Kind of Labor Movement’//In These Times

The labor movement can’t ask the next generation of workers to change how they earn their living to fit our model of trade unionism. No! We have to change our approach to organizing and representation to better meet their needs.

What kind of labor movement do we need? A younger labor movement. A greener labor movement. A labor movement that can project its power–to defend workers anywhere in the world. A labor movement that’s organizing the unorganized.

A labor movement that’s winning healthcare for every family–and, yes, a labor movement that stands by its friends, punishes its enemies, and challenges those who can’t decide whose side they’re on.

Romell Broom and the Barbarism of the Death Penalty//The Progressive

Let Us Not Become the Evil We Deplore//Truthdig//Amy Goodman

Trading Places: From Ex-Lobbyist to Market Watchdog//Mother Jones

Climate Conflict of Interest//Mother Jones


All-Women Public Transportation in India from Feministing.

18 Women Trampled to Death::Karachi, Pakistan very sad story, this is where Sarah was researching.

Vows: State of the Unions//NYTimes first gay couple to be featured by the newspaper.

Is American Conservatism Dead? from t r u t h o u t via Bill Moyers.  If only it was.

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