Furloughs Balance State Budgets—on Backs of Critical Workers//In These Times  Story of my life…really this is my life right now.

Militarizing Latin America//In These Times//Noam Chomsky

Obama Banking Too Much On Banks//Mother Jones author was on Democracy Now today.

Business Goes To School//Truthdig  for Liz.

The Bailouts: An Accounting an interactive graphic from the NYTimes that breaks down all the bailouts.

The New Illiteracy in American Life: Democracy and Politics in the Age of the Spectacle//t r u t h o u t//

from our classrooms and the screen culture of reality television to the barrage of violent video games and the bloodletting in sports such as popular wrestling – endlessly at work in developing modes of masculinity that celebrate toughness, violence, cruelty, moral indifference and misogyny. All of these forces, whose educational influence should never be underestimated, constitute a new type of illiteracy, a kind of civic illiteracy in which it becomes increasingly impossible to connect the everyday problems that people face with larger social forces – thus depoliticizing their own sense of agency and making politics itself an empty gesture. Is it any wonder that politics is now mediated through a spectacle of anger, violence, humiliation and rage that mimics the likes of the Jerry Springer Show? It is not that we have become a society of the spectacle – though that is partly true – but that we have fallen prey to a new kind of illiteracy in which the distinction between illusion and reality is lost, just as the ability to experience our feelings of discontent and our fears of uncertainty are reduced to private troubles, paralyzing us in a sea of resentment, waiting to be manipulated by extremists extending from religious fanatics to right-wing radio hosts. This is a prescription for a kind of rage that looks for easy answers, demands a heightened emotional release and resents any attempts to think through the connection between our individual woes and any number of larger social forces, including an unchecked system of finance, the anti-democratic power of the corporate state, the rise of multinationals and the destruction of the manufacturing base or the privatization of public schooling along with its devaluing of education as a public good. As the public collapses into the personal, the personal becomes “the only politics there is, the only politics with a tangible referent or emotional valence”;[1] the formative educational and political conditions that make a democracy possible begin to disappear.

Change We Still Need//Common Dreams//PEER where is Obama on the green promises he made?

Questions for Seth MacFarlane::Family Man//NYTimes  “Question: You’re A Dick. What Are Your Thoughts On That?”

“Lettuce With A Side Of Batshit” Less Lucrative Than Actual Food I was obviously attracted to this Jezebel article because the title contains “batshit”

 The Narcissism Epidemic Article Epidemic is Getting Annoying again via Jezebel.


Could I pull this off:


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