Obama’s Big Silence: The Race Question//UK Guardian//Naomi Klein

Obama Red-Baiting is the New Black//In These Times

America’s Doomsday Machine//Truthdig

Stop Begging Obama to Be Obama and get Mad//Truthdig

Snapshots from The Tea Party//MotherJones

The Art of the Scare Ad//MotherJones

Bullshit like this is why we need a public option, in my opinion.

Role of Priveledged White Women in the Reproductive Justice Movement//Feministe

Even Kleenex’s are gendered now.

“The Women of Afghanistan are Empowered.”//Feministing

“You might hear there is war. People are killed. Acid poured into faces of girls. Every day there is bombing, rocket shelling, torturing. But the women of Afghanistan get up in the morning and say goodbye to their family and go to work and go to the learning center. They found out that this is the only way they can stop the problem. They must be educated. And they are learning. And they are not afraid.”


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