Full text of President Obama’s address last night to Congress and links to other information. 

Van Jones and the Boycott of Glenn Beck//TruthDig//Amy Goodman

Who’s Really Behind the Van Jones Attack//Mother Jones  [it was fed to Beck]

Less Spocky, More Rocky//NYTimes//Maureen Dowd Obama will have his Jed Bartlet moment, Maureen, slow your roll.

America: Arms Dealer to the Stars!//SF Gate

Big Food vs. Big Insurance//NYTimes//Michael Pollan

A Perfect Storm of Idiocy//Truthdig  “How did America surrender its political discourse—not to mention the news cycle—to the most unreasonable and unstable elements of the far right?”

Sarah Palin: Neocon Pawn?//Mother Jones

Bad Movies Make Bad Law//Mother Jones The Supreme Court moves closer to allowing corporations to flood campaigns with cash.

Labor Unions, Students Collaborate//TruthOut  Go union power!

Uncivil Discourse//TruthOut//Bill Moyers


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