I love that I can make this a Labor Day special, and it is especially special to me who now labors for labor.  It is like Earth Day for the unions!

Why Honor Organized Labor? | CommonDreams.org.

Labor Unions’ Green Efforts Are Cause For Celebration This Labor Day | CommonDreams.org. [as if they are not everyday?]

Pace of Change Under Obama Frustrates Unions – NYTimes.com. [wow, people know what unions are today!]

Words Matter | CommonDreams.org. By Ralph Nader

Side with the Living | Derrick Jensen | Orion Magazine. Dear DJ, can we run away together?

By Any Means Necessary. By the Editors at The Nation.

20 Questions With… Carmen Van Kerckhove — In These Times. Founder of Racialicious.com.

Truthdig – Reports – Food Is Power and the Powerful Are Poisoning Us.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – Should Hitler Be the New Face of AIDS?. This makes me want to throw up, that someone out there thinks this is okay!?!?!?!

t r u t h o u t | Art as Resistance.



this is where i live now.

this is where i live now.


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