And I’m back in the game.

FOXSexpert: 8 Sex Myths About Women – Sexpert – FOXNews.com. Of course I must start with the most rediculous article found today.

Is that a recyclable bottle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? – Feministing.

Boston Review — Noam Chomsky: Crisis and Hope.

The Holocaust and Palestine | The Progressive.

Fast Food, Slow Justice — In These Times.

How to Grow Democracy. “Food democracy” has become the rallying cry of an emerging grassroots movement.

The Aftermath And After | The New Republic.

The subject of catastrophe invites the high eloquence of writers, the explanatory power of historians, and the deepest empathy of ordinary people. But the aftermath of catastrophe–that is not yet a subject to which many people kindle. Most of us prefer to back away from the scene of torment, with its inconsolable survivors and its insoluble problems. The survivors, though, cannot back away. They continue to live where the others died. Jean Améry, tortured at Auschwitz, wrote powerfully about the world’s readiness to isolate the survivor, who is unable to join in “the peace chorus all around him, which cheerfully proposes: not backward let us look but forward, to a better, common future.”

Fracking and the Environment: Natural Gas Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination.

Is Tyler Perry The Right Man To Tell Black Women’s Stories? – Ntozake Shange – Jezebel.

Feminists Don’t Hate Marriage: In Defense Of Elizabeth Gilbert – Elizabeth Gilbert – Jezebel.



One response to “09.04:top.10.reads

  1. Yes! New stuff.

    That picture at the end is one of the things that I love about the internet. That even though writers like Ballard saw only dehumanization and the death of individuality in the coming of cyberspace, you can stumble across moments of such stark humanity.

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