I got my official offer letter last week and accepted.  I will begin work on August 31st.  My dad and I are going to pack up a Uhaul on August 14 and head west.

The main office is located in San Jose, but I have decided to live further south in Santa Cruz as I’ll be visiting sites all through-out Santa Clara County [and duh, I want to be on the beach].  Maybe there will be a need to move closer to Berkeley…Sarah?!

In the two weeks between moving and starting work, I will actually be on vacation–it has been a long time since I’ve had a real vacation [usually a weekend teaching dance is seen as a vacation].  I am going to go down to LA to spend time with my friends there and then head to Yosemite to explore with a friend from EIC who is there working until September.

I have made a three year commitment to stay with the union.  Then I will have solid organizing experience and can decide where I would like to go, if anywhere else, from there [it will be 2012…time for re-election…].

Yes, I’m nervous about going out there.  My closest friends will be in LA, nearly five hours away.  I will be one of the only people under the age of 35 at work, but it won’t take to long for me to find different activities and make a new life for myself.  I have already found: a gym, a yoga studio, Whole Foods, indie bookstores, and more.  I have a few options for an apartment and am hearing back more everyday.

I’ll post more updates soon.


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