Oysters for Health Care | CommonDreams.org. by Bill Moyers

Back in the USA | CommonDreams.org. by Ralph Nader

Op-Ed Columnist – Pharisees on the Potomac – NYTimes.com. by Maureen Dowd [its been a while friend, but I knew you’d/I’d come around to being more negative]

Ten Things You Need to Know to Live on the Streets. Cool new feature section at the Nation.

The Progressive Case Against Sotomayor | Mother Jones.

Stealth Starbucks: Coffee Chain’s New Stores Disguise Brand Name | Mother Jones.

Truthdig – Reports – War Without Purpose. I’ve become a big Chris Hedges follower [you know what that means…vandal].

Truthdig – Reports – Black America’s New Reality. Obama’s speech to the NAACP: Excuses, Excuses. « PostBourgie.

t r u t h o u t | “The Cause of My Life”. Healthcare and E.Kennedy

t r u t h o u t | The Man Who Knew Cheney’s Secret.

Why David Sometimes Wins — In These Times.  [book review! look for an original vandal review soon!] Barack Obama is indebted to Cesar Chavez’s trailblazing community organizing strategies.

“The likelihood that a leadership team will devise effective strategy depends on the depths of its motivation, the breadth of its salient knowledge and the robustness of its reflective practice.”

Your Crap, Our Compost — In These Times. Compost…yummy.

Does Mattel’s new black Barbie get us closer to our mirror reflection?. Barbie may never get it right, but we can’t hate her [more] for trying, now can we.


From Bitch Magazine:

Six Questions for Writer and Activist Staceyann Chin | Bitch Magazine.

Know Your Hipster Gendered Band Names! | Bitch Magazine.

About that Ms. Cover | Bitch Magazine.

New Sites:

True/Slant.                                     Democracy Journal.

I Blame The Patriarchy.               Uppity Women Blog › The blog of Uppitiness.


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