This week has been pretty eventful, and I intend on writing more about some of the events soon, but today I’ll be headed to Houston to teach dance until Saturday night.  Here is a weekly wrap-update:


  • Nailed second interview for labor organizing job.
  • Quality time with dude-bro and mom.


  • Visited shale drilling site as “Grosgebarbie::Investigative Reporter” and was able to convince them with my hair-twirling and amped-up drawl that I could be trusted enough to say things you would never normally say to some crazy environmentalist.
  • Almost, kind of, a little got to Skype with Sarah.
  • Had amazing breakthrough at yoga.
  • Made and edited eulogy notes for my great-grandmother’s memorial.


  • Leave for Houston to teach and meet up with old friends.


  • Second interview for job in Denver at their Texas office in Austin.


  • HOME

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