Great snip-its from Sarah’s blog posts:

It is often considered rude to refuse, to diminish their offer as unworthy.  It is inspiring and heartbreaking, that those who have so little offer so much, and those of us with so much offer so little back.

I take a bit of a step, a little girl about 7 to 9 years comes forward.  I pass her the juicebox.  She takes it and quickly retreats behind the other children.  I turn, I am being given quizzical glares by the men in charge.  I don’t think they appreciate my re-gifting, I shift uneasily as our driver takes the bag.  I see the girl, she pokes the straw into the box and juice goes everywhere, and I can hear the quick shrill of unexpected laughter.  I’m reminded of years ago attempting to puncture a Capri-sun without juice flowing everywhere, sticky on child-sized hands.  I wonder if she has ever had a juicebox.  She seemed to taste the sickeningly sweet fruit juice with apprehension, then mild enjoyment.  She maybe shared one sip with a younger girl, maybe her sister.  I guess I would have not expecedt her to share, I mean, how often does she receive something that is wholly hers in this village with walls made of loosely bundled reeds and no doors.  It was her alone that reached out and grabbed the juice when all other had scurried away.  She had dared to grab for something new, something foreign, and it was her reward.

I wonder if she will remember this.  I wonder if she remember she once had the courage and ability to reach out and take something it could be wholly hers.   Maybe I’ll remember it too well, maybe it was just a juicebox incident, incidental from any other.

Sarah–I edited these quotes a little…I think you’ve got something really great here.  Like edit-revise-and-publish great.  Me and [I’m volutneering his mastermind] Daniel will help when you get back!


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  1. I was reading this [because I have this horrible habit that I never re-read what I blog…it is more an exercise in stream of consciousness writing…], but seeing it on your blog I did, and the phrase ‘sticky on child-sized hands’ stuck out to me…I was thought…’I love that, but I don’t think I wrote that’ then I noticed the edit disclaimer.
    I should send all my work to you for editing, dissertation come August? 15,000 words of fun!!

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