Arundhati Roy at the London Literature Festival – 2009 | CommonDreams.org.  And if you haven’t read her essay End of Imagination do it now.

Practically on the Table | CommonDreams.org. By Ralph Nader

Big Bankers Mounting Sneak Attack on Consumers | CommonDreams.org. By Jim Hightower

Q&A: Majora Carter | Mother Jones.  The MacArthur-winning “environmental racism” fighter talks about green ghettoes and the need for a new Work Projects Administration-style project on the Gulf Coast.

t r u t h o u t | Africa’s Bitter Cycle of Child Slavery.

altmuslimah.com – Feminist theory: The dos and don’ts of defending Muslim women.

Sewer Socialism Down the Drain? — In These Times.

Sociological Images » The Price Of Profits: Are Black Dolls “Worth Less” Than White Dolls?.

The Girls Step Up To This – Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Guernica / In My Place. Great magazine, this article features interview with Fatima Bhutto.  [Who I of course will be hunting down for the next vandal!]

Why Sarah Palin really quit us. – By Dahlia Lithwick – Slate Magazine.

New Site: Media Assassin. Post: “Black Like @KirstieAlley: Twittering About Race with the Fat Actress.”


Wall Art for sale at UrbanOufitters.com…did they find photos of my exes and base their drawings on them. Yes, I think so [even down to the details of Jordan’s exact hat-style]:



2 responses to “07.13:top.10.reads

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  2. OMG that IS Jordan…creepy.

    Ps. I am also glad that Sarah Palin’s new tag is batshit.crazy…ha.

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