My friend Damien, whom I worked with last summer in Los Angeles, has been hard at work putting together the new online news and analysis magazine for all things Hip-Hop in order to REVIBE the Movement and to inspire more than just words in the music.

I am so excited for him and this project.  It is going to explode, this is your warning, now spread the word!


The Revibe Philosophy

Hip Hop is much more than a genre of music. It has flourished into a culture that continues to grow and add new art forms and meaning. ReVibe’s mission is to ensure that individuals receive an accurate portrayal of the depth and complexity of Hip Hop as a culture. Our events, media coverage, website content and clothing will be representative of our vision: to be the ultimate voice for Hip Hop culture into the mainstream; keeping in mind that we all have history, and we should always remember where we come from (Keeping it real!!). As Hip-hop continues to grow as a culture, our goal is to grow with it.

In the tradition of Hip Hop’s legacy of reinvention, we wanted to ensure that the name of the brand embodied its innovative spirit. The name Revibe comes from two words: revive—to bring back to life—and vibe—having a distinct aura or swagger. The first concept is making sure you put passion into whatever it is that you are trying to do. You should work hard at your goals as if you were trying to bring them back to life! The second concept stems from what we call “audacity of swagger”—just knowing that when you put your own unique vibe into something, it comes out 100% better.

At ReVibe, we despise watered down, passionless, stagnant, Hip Hop. We believe our duty is to ensure that those characteristics are removed from Hip Hop culture and are ReVibalized. Emceeing, rapping, B-boys, breaking, DJing, graffiti art and other aspects are all part of Hip Hop culture. It is a culture that is naturally inclusive of any race or background. If you are being true to yourself and keeping it 100% with Hip-hop, then Revibe will embrace you.

From these two concepts a brand emerged that has an unique approach to attacking the existing market and uses creative tools to help grow, thrive, and drive hip-hop’s potential. ReVibe will continue the practice of these concepts by filtering inaccurate media portrayals of Hip Hop. We will ensure that Hip Hop remains innovative and ongoing.


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  1. Amanda!…glad to see ur on the team…this post is bomb. we have to hook up I’m in TX

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