On Prisons, Borders, Safety, and Privilege: An Open Letter to White Feminists | Reproductive Justice and Gender | AlterNet.

t r u t h o u t | Two Suspected US Missile Attacks Kill 45 in Pakistan.

Dear Mr. Obama,

Keep you missiles away from my Sarah.

Si Se Puede [and yes you WILL],


t r u t h o u t | Eager to Tap Iraq’s Vast Oil Reserves, Industry Execs Suggested Invasion.

Truthdig – Reports – The Unemployed Will Roar. You Betcha.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – Sarah Palin Gets Philosophical. Who does she think she is, Rev Run?

Truthdig – Reports – Two Standards of Detention. by Amy Goodman.

The Drug War in Six Acts | Mother Jones.

From Garland: Pam’s House Blend:: Black kids booted from Philly club’s ‘whites-only’ pool. Yes, time check, it is 2009.

Awesome, Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg Explains It All To You – Ruth bader ginsburg interview – Jezebel.

Looking For Leadership | CommonDreams.org. Greenpeace adventures!!

Sociological Images » Sexy And The Gender Binary.

The Boiling Point: Mikhaela Reid’s political cartoons. Awesome political cartoons…I want her for vandal 1.2/1.3!


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  1. I hope Obama gets your message! xx

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