Happy Birthday America: How Exceptional Are You? | CommonDreams.org.

t r u t h o u t | Pass the Ball for Victory?. A good hook is essential to a must.read: “What the hell is going on with Republican politics lately?” [of course, I believe the lately is all relative]

t r u t h o u t | This July 4th, Rebel and Agitate for Change. I’m an agitator…and am looking to be employed as a full time one.

Truthdig – Reports – Bailout, Palin-Style. This is an AP archived photo titled: Palin Classic Wink.


Truthdig – Reports – The Crooks Get Cash While the Poor Get Screwed.

This Is Your War on Drugs | Mother Jones.

Solidarity Reunited? — In These Times. Unite Here update.

Death of the Newspaperman — In These Times. Is the death self-inflicted?

The Stupidity of ‘Smart’ Phones — In These Times. As much as I love my iphone…I have to agree that our choice as consumers is squashed.

“From the Wilds of America” – Analyzing the Idea of “British Colonial America” in Steampunk [Essay] at Racialicious – the intersection of race and pop culture.

From Liz, of Team Fraken: Independence Days – Al Franken and the Odd Politics of Minnesota – NYTimes.com.

Op-Ed Contributor – My Burqa Is None of Your Business – NYTimes.com.

Young People Write About Mental Illness.

Jezebel – The Strange Continuation Of The Sarah Palin Show – Palin resigns. …and speaking of mental…

Hadley Freeman on confessional journalism and female writers | Comment is free | The Guardian.

New sites:

Evil Slutopia.                                                      Strange Maps.

The-F-Word.org.                                               The Dairi Burger.

Judge a Book by its Cover.                              Broadsheet – Salon.com.

BERNTHIS.COM.                                             I Want Media – Media News & Resources.


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