t r u t h o u t | President Barack Obama: Happy 4th of July.

Jezebel – Sarah Palin: “I’m Not Wired To Operate Under The Same Old Politics As Usual” – Politics.

Jezebel – Rick Sanchez Assumes Palin Is Resigning Due To Pregnancy – Rick Sanchez.

Like the doctor at your college’s Health Services department who offered, “Maybe you’re pregnant” after you came in complaining of a cold, Rick Sanchez has suggested, without any evidence whatsoever, that Sarah Palin may be resigning due to pregnancy. Whaaa?

Glad to know that is a universal tendency for all Health Services to assume we’re all pregnant.

U.S. Shifts Strategy on Illicit Work by Immigrants – NYTimes.com.

t r u t h o u t | Obama, Medvedev and the Demise of Nuclear Deterrence.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Obama Should Stop Mountaintop Mining – washingtonpost.com.

When Books Could Change Your Life: Why What We Pore Over At 12 May Be The Most Important Reading We Ever Do | Baltimore City Paper.

Unearthed: Spalding Gray Interviews the Dalai Lama.

Tara Stiles: How Independent are You? Take the July 4th Quiz.. I’m a Freedom Warrior!

Ten Things I’d Love to Tell My Younger Self – DivineCaroline.


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