Yesterday, I guess I subconsciously did not want it to be July yet and chose instead to repeat a day, as July means it is halfway through 2009 and I am still stagnate.

Franken, the Fight, and the Wellstone Seat | CommonDreams.org.

Breaking the Siege of Gaza: Governments Refuse While Citizens Act | CommonDreams.org. From vandal contributor Ann Wright.

Troop Movement, Not Troop Withdrawal | CommonDreams.org.

The Online Class Divide – Feministing.

Google AdWords Policy Disallows Ads for Abortion Services in Over a Dozen Countries – Feministing.

Google and the Megachurch: Architecture of Worship. From UTNE

The Healthy Eating Obsession. From UTNE.  I think I have this…which is why I have to break it up with things like the cookie tote.

Sex, Death, and Poetry. From UTNE

Chipotle Injustice. From The Nation.

Is Waxman-Markey Worth It? | Mother Jones. More on the ACES.

Can This Man Save the Planet? | Mother Jones.  Todd Stern is supposed to negotiate a treaty that can fix the climate—and pass the Senate…which is harder?


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