In the past, I have talked about how proud I am to know her…and now reason for all of you to jump on the bandwagon.


Here are some photos from her trip:





In other blog.influence news:

  • Liz got a job! I don’t have to hurt anyone from TFA! She got a great job in Baytown teaching 11-12 grade English, complete with access to laptops and iPods so the kids can have a truly interdisciplinary experience!
  • Daniel left Monday for IRT at the Phillips Academy, joining the ranks of many world changers.
  • Angie is still in Europe–and blogging–beginning a play-writing workshop in Spain this week.

And yes, I’m still in Crowley TX–unemployed, single, and living in my little brother’s room.  Thanks and Gig’em.


One response to “!

  1. 1) I still read your comments about me when I am having a bad day…i am pretty sure it is the nicest thing that has ever been written about me…and i don’t know what I would do without you/our friendship

    2) I am pretty excited because I think my tag cloud is not bigger than Sarah Palin…although with the new no.shit column coming into play, it is all back in the air

    3) I think the you pull off the unemployed, single and living in your little brother’s room with class…not to mention it is good for those that love to read your blog!

    3) miss you! x


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