Truthdig – Reports – Undo the Coup. By Amy Goodman

Truthdig – A/V Booth – Bethany McLean on Madoff. Interview conducted by A. Goodman on Democracy Now!

Truthdig – Arts and Culture – The Seal as Role Model for Obese Kids.

Honduras: an end to backyard imperialism? | Grace Livingstone | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk. vs. Democracy Derailed in Honduras.

Solar in the Desert: Can We Get It Right This Time? | Mother Jones.

The GOP’s Fake Climate Scandal | Mother Jones. I was watching FOX as they were claiming this…one of the many moments where you can picture me on the treadmill flipping out–silently, but with large lateral movements.

Can a Union Divided Stand? — In These Times. Unite Here not so united…

The Bagua Movement.  Indigenous activists in Peru are challenging their government and its partners in the biofuels industry–and winning.

Twittergasms. [I’m using that word, try and stop me]

Franken win means another likely Senate vote for climate action | Grist.

Inequality in the Marriage Equality Movement | National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC). [I will tag, and continue to tag all things about Marriage rights and talk of my friends weddings in the same category, less we not forget it is all the same–all levels of love are equal, therefore all marriage should be equal].

Jezebel – Dating Guides Are Hell: When Women Are The “Problem” – Dating Guides are Hell.


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