Black and White and Dead All Over | Mother Jones.

Truthdig – Reports – America’s ICE Backwards Approach to Immigration.

t r u t h o u t | Iran: The World Is Watching.

More on the ACES:

Energy Bill is Still Too Weak | CommonDreams.org. Doi.

Betraying the Planet | CommonDreams.org.

OK Rep. Sally Kern blames recession on moral crisis in new “citizen’s proclamation” – Feministing. I love that the opening line includes the words, “batshit crazy.”

Just Because People Are Staying Married, Doesn’t Mean Marriage is Working. – Feministing.

Limbaugh Reaches a New Low – Feministing. and speaking of batshit crazy…

Jezebel – “I’m Sorry I Wasn’t Honest About My Need For Non-Monogamy” – Ernest Hemingway.

Jezebel – Vintage Commercials Show Smoking As A Feminist Act – Vintage virgina slims commercials.


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