Before you go on, I linked all of the blogs I’ve been posting under my BLOGROLL to the right.  When updated, these are of coarse part of the top.10.reads so check in with them daily.

Financial Reform, Words and Deeds | CommonDreams.org. By Ralph Nader.

Global warming: 350 or bust – Guardian Weekly. By Bill McKibben.

As seen via Twitter, I was following the ACES closely on Friday.  I’m not sure I’ve formed a clear opinion on it yet, any step forward is a step towards progress, but we should not settle on a slight move when we need leaps and bounds.  Here are a few articles on the passage:

House Passes “Weak” Climate Change Bill, from the Nation.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – House Passes Climate Bill.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – Kucinich Says Climate Bill Might Make Things Worse.

Climate Bill Passes the House | Mother Jones.

One hurdle down for climate bill, 60 more to go | Grist.

Don’t Call It a ‘He-cession’ | The American Prospect.

Small Towns vs. Nestlé — In These Times.

The Legacy Lives On — In These Times.

SEIU Fights Banks Over Bonuses — In These Times.

Our Jobless Recovery, from the Nation.

Jezebel – Little Women : The Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves – little women.

Jezebel – Guardian Writer: No Justice For Women Who Retaliate Against Their Abusers – Domestic Violence.

A picture from Angie’s blog:



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