Burqa Politics in France | The American Prospect. What happens when feminism and sexual liberation become tools for nationalism?

Free Speech vs. Surveillance in the Digital Age | CommonDreams.org. By Amy Goodman

The Axis of Pork | Mother Jones.  Sen. Saxby Chambliss = creepy. Saw this when campaigning against him in Atlanta.

Cinema in the Sand — In These Times.

20 Questions With… Nelson Lichtenstein — In These Times.

Charles Ogletree: We Still Need the Voting Rights Act.

Top 10 Ways Male Politicians Confess To Extramarital Affairs.

Jezebel – Sarah Palin And Hillary Clinton Are Comic Book Heroes – Female force.

Jezebel – Poppies + Wallabies = Pandemonium – Poppies and wallabies. I want to see this.

Assessing the Stripper Memoir. Are stripping memoirs big right now? Did I jump onto a bandwagon I didn’t know about? [I read two last week].  This is a shitty review, I basically believe the complete opposite of this woman who wrote it.

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