Agent Orange Continues to Poison Vietnam | CommonDreams.org. Will we always make messes we cannot clean up?

Why Have We Stopped Talking about Guns? | CommonDreams.org. By Bill Moyers

Shell Oil Trial update: Secret papers ‘show how Shell targeted Nigeria oil protests’ – Americas, World – The Independent.

Clean Coal Knee-Capping: Secretary Chu Makes $1 Billion Down Payment For More Dirty Coal | CommonDreams.org. I can’t take this “clean” coal shit. [eloquent, I know]

Truthdig – Reports – The American Empire Is Bankrupt. I love anything that talks about America as an Empire and I have restrained myself greatly from posting too much of it here.

Enough with the Obamathon – Los Angeles Times. I too am still a fan, but…he said not two weeks ago, that we must be more than words, we need action and quickly.  So President Obama, please renew my hope–in you–and get something done, really done.  No more half-ass attempts like Guantanamo.

Why Wal-Mart Workers Need EFCA — In These Times. This is news to people?

At the End of the Day, It’s the End of the World — In These Times.

HRW: Organizing around Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity « Black Looks.

Sincere criticism vs. “gotcha!” – Feministing. Calling out the Playboy article from a couple weeks back.





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