Via Sarah:

Women’s Internalized Oppression: Undermining Your Own Sexuality | EmpowHer – Women’s Health Online.

Raw Story » Barney Frank endorses outing anti-gay politicians.

Has MTV Gone Too Far in Its Latest Ads? | Just A Guy Thing. yes it has!!

Twitter Trends: Why Do Men Follow Men? – Economix Blog – NYTimes.com.

Trying Out Three Job Possibilities for Plan B – NYTimes.com.

ZNet – Turning Point?. By Noam Chomsky

119 Million Americans Must Be Wrong–Consortiumnews.com.

The Amazon is dying | John Sauven | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk.

Jezebel – Does The Huffington Post Use Sexism To Drive Liberal Page Views? – Huffington post sexism. Damn. Huffington Post: Liberal Politics, Sexist Entertainment – The Sexist – Washington City Paper.

Great Gams: The Book Bench: Online Only: The New Yorker.

The female leg is an erotic oddity: non-genital, and nearly identical in structure to the male limb, there is no obvious reason why it should be eroticized.

This is so true, its not funny [even on an all male website]:


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