I’ve had a couple days away from my computer, really away from it.  I went to MA Dance training after my classes this week, then spend the weekend with Liz and Laura.  Back to the usual updates [maybe a podcast this week finally?]

Welcome to a Dying Industry, Journalism Grads | CommonDreams.org.

Gag Me with Clean Coal | CommonDreams.org.

MoJo Interview: Geoffrey Nunberg | Mother Jones. The renowned linguist on “torture,” “socialism,” and why George W. Bush wasn’t as inarticulate as you thought.

Congressional Climate Change Games | Mother Jones. Surprise, surprise the tweeking is in support of industry.

Jezebel – Being A Man: A Rough Life, Or Not Rough Enough? – Masculinity.

Jezebel – The Grim Reality Behind Dwindling Female Populations – Aids.

TheStar.com | Insight | How did 100,000,000 women disappear?.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – The ‘Good War’ Wasn’t So Good for Everybody.

Truthdig – Reports – Prop. 8 and the Misery of the Law.

Truthdig – Arts and Culture – Susie Linfield on How to Think About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Sotomayor’s apparently interchangeable WOC identity – Feministing.

From Feministing: “NYU grad Elly Park, made an amazing film called Sea Woman about a community of women in South Korea who have made their living for generations by diving (no scuba gear!) for precious metals. The fact that they were the breadwinners in their families gave them societal power, but as this area because more touristy, and the men in the families began working in hotels and cafes, the power dynamic shifted. Fascinating stuff. Here’s an eight minute excerpt of Elly’s movie:”

And now some comments on President Obama’s speech [I will never get tired of saying PRESIDENT OBAMA]:

“…words alone cannot meet the needs of our people, these needs can be met only if we act boldly in the years ahead…”

t r u t h o u t | What President Obama Promised in Cairo.

Jezebel – Obama Can See America From Cairo – Barack obama cairo speech.

Jezebel – Just For Men: Obama’s Speech To Muslim World All But Ignores Women – Obama cairo speech

Fox falsely claims Obama didn’t discuss terror in Cairo speech – Daily Kos TV (beta).women.


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