Cover.lies via Jezebel:

We know we shouldn’t expect a beauty mag to advocate the “natural” look, but couldn’t Allure‘s tips for saving money on one’s skin regimen be a little less ridiculous?Sure, those of us who “don’t have big blemishes” can do a facial at home. But for all the wrinkled hags out there, anti-aging is still a must, and we can “save” with a “microdermabrasion-only appointment” (as opposed to, say, the full-body laser treatment promoted by June Vogue). Or nix the Restylane and try Perlane or Radiesse, which puff up your face with chemicals for up to two months longer! For true cheapskates, there’s always over-the-counter creams, like Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology No-Injection Wrinkle Smoother, with GABA — or Retin-A, a real steal at $200 a tube. Just fucking accepting that everyone ages, while free, is not covered by Allure.



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