Chevron, Shell and the True Cost of Oil | CommonDreams.org. By Amy Goodman

Proposition 8 ruling: separate and unequal. Editorial from SFGate

Truthdig – Arts and Culture – Study: Red Bull Cola Gives You … Cocaine. Well that explains it.

Teabags vs. Douchebags — In These Times.

Prairie Fire — In These Times. “A bitter labor conflict ultimately failed in Decatur, Ill., during the mid-’90s. But a new book argues that tactics developed there by locked-out workers strengthen today’s labor movement.”

Happy Like God – Happy Days Blog – NYTimes.com.

Jezebel – If You’re Not Too Fat, You’re Too Feminine – Sonia sotomayor clothes. Its always something.

Jezebel – Does Knowing More About Sex Make You Want It Less? – Sexual Health. Talking about Mary Roach’s book, Bonk.  Yes, a little less.

and some follow up:

Are Sex Studies Bad for Sex?.

Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm | Video on TED.com.




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