[I know I’m slacking on the posts thus far, but I’ll have a normal schedule come Wednesday.  Tuesday, I’m vandalizing all day.]

Now at Last It’s Time for Shell to Atone for My Father’s Death | CommonDreams.org. By Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr.

Karen Stabiner: Small Good News: Spend Like A Miser, Eat Like A Queen, And Hear Yourself Think, Too. It should be noted that I’ve cooked more this last week [and I mean really made food not just heated it up] than in the past year.

Jayne Lyn Stahl: An Insult to Service.

t r u t h o u t | The Day of the Dead. By Cindy Sheehan.

t r u t h o u t | “Clean” Energy and Poisoned Water.

Corporations in Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and upstate New York have launched a massive program to extract natural gas through a process that could, if it goes wrong, degrade the Delaware River watershed and the fresh water supplies that feed upstate communities, the metropolitan cities of New York, Philadelphia, Camden and Trenton, and many others on its way to the Chesapeake Bay.

“The potential environmental consequences are extreme,” says Fritz Mayer, editor of The River Reporter in Narrowsburg, N.Y. His paper has been following the drilling in the Upper Delaware River Valley and he told me, “It could ruin the drinking supply for 8 million people in New York City.”

Truthdig – Reports – Yoo’s Views Make Philly News. By Amy Goodman

Truthdig – Reports – Baucus’ Raucous Caucus. By Amy Goodman [weekly column that I missed last week]

Jezebel – “What Does ‘Power Bottom’ Mean?” – pot psychology.

Jezebel – JOOP: Your Guide To Summer Fun – GOOP. My summer is feeling pretty goopy thus far…

Jezebel – Surely This Dress Will Help Paris Overcome Those Barbie Comparisons – Paris Hilton. Um…I kind of want this dress.

Jezebel – When “Tradition” Destroys Progress – Segregated prom.






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