A Life in the Day: Mariam Laskar, sex worker – Times Online. From Sarah via Stumble.

Jezebel – Michelle Obama In Time : “There Are Thousands Of Role Models Like Me” – michelle obama.

And I have probably dedicated more of my life to trying to break down those barriers for people. I think that might be one of the small themes in my professional life, is to try to be the bridge so that more people feel like they have access; that their voice, that their faces, that their worlds count in places like this, and that there is understanding across those divides. And as I grew up and came to work in those places, right, and got to know them, I realized that the misunderstanding or the disconnect goes both ways; that folks outside of these communities have no idea what goes on within these institutions, and sometimes the people in the institutions have no real understanding of the people who live outside. You know, everybody is dealing in these misperceptions about one another because there is no bridge

Jezebel – Summer At J. Crew: Pretty, Pastel, Pricey – j. crew. Ok, so I don’t exactly know why Jezebel posted this spread, but alas, its J.Crew and who can say know.  I dedicate this repost to Lizzle.

Jezebel – Women In Film – Film. so I feel like this is a sign…will explain more in a me.update post.

Friday Feminist Fuck You: Pregnancy Discrimination – Feministing.

Single mom says women need the help that unions offer: Guest columns: Web-extra | adn.com. No shit, unions are a women’s issue! Also an environmentalist’s issue and every other group I won’t even name right now!

Recycling? Fuhgeddaboudit | Mother Jones. NYC!?! You’re going to confuse people, especially those here in Fantasyland [as MotherJones columnists frequently call Texas]. 

Rx and the Single Payer | CommonDreams.org. By Bill Moyers

To Obama and the EPA: The Threat Is Real, It’s Time to Act | CommonDreams.org.  Why are they asking about this, when they won’t ask about sending troops to war, or aiding Israel?! This is something that will define the future of our world! Yet we’re stalling! [listen to DemocracyNow! today please!].

Truthdig – Reports – California: The State of No. Maybe CA is not the way to go this fall?

Truthdig – Arts and Culture – Picking Up the Pieces. Dubya speakes at a high school…better their class than my graduation.  I hope I have not spoken too soon….



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