The first issue, 1.1 will drop in august.2009.  It will be well worth the wait.  The first issue will be accompanied by the launch of the newly designed website, that I will begin work on this week.  It is going to be a lot of work, but once this first issue is out, we’ll have everything ready to meet the rush that is soon to follow.  After sending out our challenge, we received the following new additions:
Daniel Alexander Jones:: wall challenge
Antonio La Pastina:: interview.
Amanda Nowlin Obanion::Prison essay
Marta Lucia:: wall challenge.
Rosamond King:: wall challenge.
Norma Cantu:: wall challenge.
Bushra Rehman:: essay.
Nelly Rosario:: wall challenge.
Amy Sarah Carrol:: audio and poetry.
Emmy Perez:: audio, prose poem.
Roger Reeves::poetry, drama selection. [my AFST professor! he’s great!]
Daniel Pena:: fiction, poetry. [my co-editor, he is great as well!]
Current features:
Emily Raboteau:: essay.
Suheir Hammad:: poetry.
Jimmy Santiago Baca:: poetry.
Aaron Vano:: fiction.
Kathleen Cleaver:: interview.
Ivelisse Rodriguez:: fiction.
Medea Benjamin/Ann Wright:: journals, photos.
Dan Robinson:: poetry.
John Amen:: poetry.
Nomika Zion:: article, interview.
Prince Giorgio:: photo essay.
Gabriel Adams:: poetry.
Christian Bancroft:: poetry.
From the editors:
essential reading list [by me]
review of John Amen’s new poetry collection
tributes to Roberto Blano, June Jordan, and Gloria Anzuldua
More updates to come.

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