gimme.sympathy [me.update]

Now I’m sitting on the phone with the Junior college where I’ll get my last credits before graduation. It has already been 20 minutes and I’ve listened to half of The Eagles Greatest Hits with interruptions every 30 seconds “appreciating my patience.”

Patience::that will be the theme of these next few months. I will patiently finish my last classes. I will patiently live at my parents house. I will patiently be entertained by all of my married/engaged friends [as they are all I know here]. I will patiently go searching for a job. I will patiently go to thousands of interviews having patiently waiting to hear back, after patiently sending tens of thousands of resumes out.

Having just gotten internet to my computer yesterday, I’ve been behind in the work I had wanted to complete upon getting done with finals.

  • vandal::After the last two meetings with Angie, Daniel and I have had to change a lot of what we had done for vandal, but it is going to be amazing! The first issue will not be ready for release until august.2009 but well worth the wait [full update coming later today].
  • complete this week and be done.  My babies made me a collage, it sits at my “workstation” here in my little bedroom.  Last week, I helped plan out the budget for next year and this week I’ll do the report, then that is it! [and again, I’m sad]6f_p0opaRW3v6DB6AVLhEnsX_2
  •, right.  There are a few jobs I plan on applying for this week one in Dallas to which I would offer to whore myself out for free this summer, and one in Austin for Livestrong.
  • reading.writing.other?:: I have a few books picked out to read these next few weeks, and some money to spend at Half Price Books.  I’m still listening to The Current daily, which has led me to finally download Kings of Leon and Metric.  I wrote a poem for a friend, that needs a few more drafts before I send it to him as a replacement poem to the one he lost that I wrote for his birthday in December.  I’ve had this essay idea culminating for the past few months, and I will write it before June, I promise.

I’m going to have to block out times, outside of the house, with my phone turned off to really work on all that I need to now.  While I’m not in school, not head of EIC, not working on any campaign, not lobbying anyone, not attending events or conducting interviews…I still have a lot to do, I just have less distractions.

To-Do this week:

  • work out everyday.
  • complete EIC report.
  • complete “table of contents” for vandal 1.1
  • begin to redo vandal website
  • apply for two jobs
  • call my friend Kat
  • finish Jordan’s poem
  • outline essay
  • begin West Wing marathon
  • finish Jonathan Franzen’s book
  • update snaplog! [many that can be seen on my twitter]

Finally, I’m being transferred to a live person.


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