Pardon my lack of posts, here is my schedule for the next 48 hrs:

  • study and take FREN 201 final.
  • run.
  • meet with to plan out hypertext website for AMST.
  • create and publish hypertext website.
  • study and take FREN 202 final.
  • finally catch up with daniel for vandal.
  • run.
  • finish laundry.
  • pack up cube in student government office and deliver supplies to new EIC chairs.
  • pack up room/closet/house completely.
  • move Grant out of dorm, into house.
  • last dinner with Becca and Angie.
  • buy bottle of Patron for last EIC party.
  • party.
  • last Northgate night.
  • pack up house.
  • run and close up gym membership.
  • drive to Crowley.
  • unload truck, begin being half-grown-up.

Its going to be an emotional roller coaster, but I’m too stressed to notice I’m on the ride yet.


After I move, I’m going to:

  • restructure the vandal website to be more condusive to online content.
  • plan a weekly podcast.
  • reformat for the 50th time vandal 1.1.
  • finish June Jordan tribute.
  • perform bridesmaid duties.
  • apply for five jobs before Saturday.
  • finish report for EIC.

One response to “next.few.days

  1. Just so you know…I love your blog…not only is it always interesting…but it is a wonderful way to let me know you are still alive when you are so busy…

    apparently then i should start blogging…so you don’t have another ‘six feet under’ moment…xx

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