Through my four years in EIC there have been many ups and downs.  We’ve broken through many walls together.  Burned some bridges, rebuilt them, then charged across as a team.  When I had my meeting with the new Co-Chairs to take over, I sent them away with a letter, sharing with them that EIC had been my space to grow not only as a leader but as a strong, passionate young woman who would stand up for what I believed in even if it meant it would be “bruised or misunderstood.

Of all the things I will take away, nothing is more valuable than being able to see the promise and strength that the new leaders have.  I can only imagine what great things they will accomplish in this upcoming year.

Here are some photos from my favorite EIC moments:





n8300145_46293982_4509n8300145_46293984_1340n8302821_43053096_8396n8302821_43053114_804n8302821_43052216_6435n8302821_43052185_9327n8302821_43053122_3281n8302821_43053120_2684n8300145_43165258_600n8302821_43735942_9967n8300145_46294031_2775n8300145_43525779_3020n8300145_46294032_6630n8300145_46294033_2153n8302821_46311313_9565n8300145_46294050_9017n8300145_46294049_721n8302821_46311331_5493n8302821_46311332_5839kyle field 13kyle field 18n8302821_50510959_7685n8302821_53115385_7915161n8302821_53115390_3849526n8302821_53115412_5147950n8373161_53308694_7083131IMG_0448IMG_04523203_931679200334_8373161_53867274_2897384_n3203_931679614504_8373161_53867337_7883460_n4322_937843117794_8302821_54094113_4898080_n3241_934132753394_8373161_53940568_1635132_n3241_934180832044_8373161_53943106_6384204_n4159_937092826384_8373161_54065023_7375505_n4322_937843147734_8302821_54094119_3968827_n4159_937092836364_8373161_54065024_6265098_n


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