An Inconvenient Woman — In These Times. We need to interview this woman for vandal’s second issue.

The Past and Future of Human Rights — In These Times. Claiming that “Barack Obama could be America’s first human rights president.”

Flower Power — In These Times

Colombian plantation workers are fighting an uphill battle to unionize and secure better working conditions.

Wanna Shoot a Wolf? Come to Idaho! | Mother Jones. What the hell Mr. President?

The Obama administration has lifted protections for gray wolves in a handful of Western states. Soon, it could be hunting season on them once again.

MoJo Audio: PETA Co-Founder and President Ingrid Newkirk | Mother Jones.

Truthdig – Reports – Buying Time on Immigration.

t r u t h o u t | The Other 100 Days.

I will not speak with disrespect of the Republican Party. I always speak with respect of the past.

– Woodrow Wilson

And speaking of Republicans..t r u t h o u t | The Toxic Residue of Torture.

Personal is Political: Buying my own health insurance – Feministing.

I want you to stop stalking “overweight” women. – Feministing.



and now on a happier note:



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