Cover Lies via Jezebel:

There’s a lot to like about this month’s Glamour, from plus-sized swimwear models, to interesting articles on interracial dating and domestic violence. However, according to the cover lines, editors would rather you don’t know. We liked that the mag tried not to make a big deal of using average-sized models in two bathing suit features. And a panel discussion on “Does Race Matter When It Comes To Love?” and an open letter to Rihanna from a successful Harvard graduate who concealed her abusive relationship were slightly meatier than the usual fare. But the Glamour editors felt the need to wrap each of these features with innocuous filler, not unlike the woman who buys a sexy bikini and decides at the last minute to throw on a sarong before stepping out on the beach. There are plenty of the usual diet tips, toned model tummies, and explorations of what your boyfriend is really thinking. And while Miley Cyrus is an unconventional cover choice for Glamour, we’re not convinced putting a 16-year-old on the cover of a women’s magazine is a step in the right direction. Below, we reveal the truths that the cover tries so desperately to conceal.


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