In the past two weeks, we’ve had a lot of progress on the journal. Here are a few of the most recent updates:

  • After meeting with Angie, we realized that our focus had been on content–getting the best and most inspirational–but what we were missing was that something special that would get readers to come back to the journal every month [or website, everyday] not because they wanted to, but because they needed to.  So we spent a few minutes brainstorming and came up with the perfect way to do so for our first issue.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but within each issue will be a dialogue between several activist writers dealing with the theme, threaded together to create one conversation [it is going to be amazing].  While compiling the resources for the page on the website, I realized that there are not many “resources” for activists–where are the ‘how-to’s, brainstorming forums, and inspiration blogs?  They don’t exist.  vandal will fill this space.
  • Angie has sent the call out for the first issue to an even wider circle, including director and producer Alex Rivera of the new movie Sleep Dealer and author Chris Abani.
  • To amp up attention to our site [for as of May, I’ll be able to facilitate more action on the site daily with blog posts, videos, etc.], vandal is now twittering.  Big deal, I know.  Twitter is the future.
  • Today, we are meeting with the Director of the English Department at TAMU to ask for money.
  • Our online publication will look like this new online magazine, Antler.  It is a great way to allow access to larger numbers of people while saving paper and energy towards production.  The print version will be available for purchase through MagCloud [featured in this NYTimes article] and should be under $10.
  • Daniel and I were able to attend Kathleen Cleaver‘s lecture last week on campus, then accompany her to dinner [the video of her lecture will soon be posted on our site as well as the Africana Studies departmental site].  This Wednesday we’ll travel to Austin to do a full interview.
  • I invested in a video camera to conduct our interviews with.  It shoots in HD and plugs straight into my laptop allowing editing and online posting within minutes!

I know the publication date keeps getting pushed back, but Daniel and I can promise you that it is worth the wait.  I have formatted the entire issue up to this point and once we have all of our content, we’ll be able to publish it immediately.

Every issue will be jam packed with only the best and brightest, beginnig with this first.

**Our next issue will be CONTROLS:[that which is out of ours] and will include work on drugs in Mexico, the world environmental crisis, natural resource depletion, and more.


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