EPA To Propose Greenhouse Gas Regulation Under Clean Air Act. Finally.

John Ziegler, Palin Activist, Arrested At Katie Couric Award Ceremony (VIDEO). I can’t decide who is crazier: Palin Followers, Sarah Palin, or Rick Perry.

Jezebel – Susan Boyle Has Come To Save Us From Our Shallowness! – Susan Boyle.

Jezebel – Stars Without Makeup!!! Is The New French Elle A “Step Back”? – french elle.

Dude, You’ve Got Problems – Judith Warner Blog – NYTimes.com.

Hopebroken and Hopesick: A Lexicon of Disappointment | CommonDreams.org. By Naomi Klein

Truthdig – Reports – Columbine Questions We Still Don’t Ponder.

Truthdig – Arts and Culture – Women Dig Technology. It’s true.  I’m in love my imac, iphone, and flip camera.

Modern-Day Monkeywrencher — In These Times.

Ethanol or Water: Which One? | Mother Jones. I can’t get over the phallic photo they put with this article.  Oh, the irony.



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