Per usual, Daniel and I met in the kid’s section of Hastings Monday afternoon to work on vandal.

Fiction: done,

Poetry: done.

Arts: done.

Dialogue: um, working on it.

I contacted Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright to get final permission to use their blogs/articles/photos from their recent trips to Gaza [and also shamelessly asked for Alice Walker’s contact info…].  Once we get the rights, I’ll format the issue and it will be done in two weeks after being reviewed by Guest Editor, Angie Cruz [duh].

We also officially bought our domain name: and it should be up and running by tonight! We also have an official email,, of which I had to fight Daniel for as he thought having a gmail was fine and to that I said–janky.  Also, we widely invited our friends to be “fans” on facebook [so jump on the bandwagon already!].

Yesterday we attended a workshop with Black Artemis (Sofía Quintero),writer, activist, educator, speaker and comedienne.

“Determined to write edgy yet intelligent novels for women who love hip hop even when hip hop fails to love them in return,” Black Artemis is the author of three hip hop novels, Burn, Explicit Lyrics, and Picture Me Rollin’.  Her lecture is tentatively titled, “Cinderella in Blackface: A Critique of Hustle and Flow.”

And are considering asking her to join our Advisory Board.  After this first issue, Suheir Hammad will join the ranks with the rest and I want to shape the next issue to be able to ask Sherman Alexie as well [because I don’t think he could say no to an email request that had his photos from his visit attached?..]

Below is the final cover design for the first issue.  I found the image this weekend and knew it was perfect.  Love at first sight, if I’ve ever felt it.

With the first issue nearly done…I can’t wait to see what the second will bring!  Once I’ve graduated we will be able to keep up to date blogs on our website, videos/podcasts and forums.  Until then…I’ll try and pass my classes?


One response to “vandal.update

  1. I am so excited for this!! It is going to be amazing…maybe one month could be UK edition!! I am jut saying…

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