[yesterday was my 100th post!]

Changing the Rules of the Blame Game | CommonDreams.org.  By Bill Moyers

Truthdig – Reports – U.S. Muslims Still Under Siege. By Amy Goodman

Truthdig – A/V Booth – Rapping Penis Takes Canada by Storm.

Obama Sides With Banks Accused of Racism | Mother Jones.

McCarthyism Lives, Just Ask Bill Ayers | The Progressive.

“I don’t feel like I’m the aggrieved party,” he says. “I’ve got a day job and book deadlines I’ve got to work on. But it’s an attempt to shut down conversation and dialogue, which is the lifeblood of democracy. The real danger isn’t to me. But there’s a sense that if the mob gathers outside the gate with torches and pitchforks, people collapse.”

Jezebel – Why Not Just Walk Around With Bank Statement Tattoos? – engagement rings. 1. As if we didn’t already know this.  2. Liz and I like this article for the first comment…

5:23 PM on Tue Apr 7 2009

When I get engaged, and if ever anyone decides to pity this beast, I want something meaningful. Something I’ll think about, like…an engagement sandwich.

I’m not buying this ring hooey.

I’ll have mine toasted with guacamole, please.

Jezebel – Phyllis Schlafly To Time : “The Feminist Movement Is Not About Success For Women” – phyllis schlafly. The EIC girls were upset about this yesterday, which makes me feel I’m rubbing off on them. Yay.

Do-It-Yourself Governance — In These Times. “Without new social movements, there will be no New Deal.”

Fujimori: Guilty as Charged. Head of Peru found guilty and charged with crimes against humanity…and who will be next?!

Unemployment: A New Boys Club?.

The LA Times is calling it the “he-cession.” The stark facts show that the economic crisis is hitting men particularly hard: The official male unemployment rate just spiked to 8.8 percent, while the figure for women is on a slower rise, now at 7 percent. So we can add to the old-fashioned gender gap in wages (favoring men, who make one dollar to a woman’s 80 cents for the same job), a new gender gap in unemployment, favoring women.

With women working more, there has been a role reversal of sorts, but it’s hardly the kind feminists envisioned. As men lose their jobs, households are depending increasingly on the relatively meager wages of women to stay afloat. And the newly unemployed men aren’t spending their freed-up time packing lunches and schlepping the kids to soccer games. According to an analysis of time use data by economists Alan B. Krueger and Andreas Mueller, they’re more likely to devote those hours to looking for new jobs–and sleeping more, and watching more TV.

“Rape Law” Only Afghanistan’s Problem? – Community.

Until 1976, marital rape was legal in every state in the United States. Although marital rape is now a crime in all 50 states in the U.S., some states still don’t consider it as serious as other forms of rape. The only states that have laws that make no distinction between marital rape and stranger rape are Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia.

These bookshelves make me want to sing the theme song from “Make me a Supermodel”…I want it all! I want it all!




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