The Ones Who Got It Right | CommonDreams.org. By: Ralph Nader.

t r u t h o u t | The 52 Minutes of Obama Magic That Changed the Nuclear Rules.


The president pledged a drive on nuclear disarmament, possibly bigger than any ever attempted. He spelled out how he would accelerate arms control agreements with Russia, following his first summit meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev last week. The deal to conclude a new arms reduction treaty with Moscow, which would slash stockpiles by about a third was a beginning, setting the stage for further cuts.

Building on the momentum of a new agreement with the Russians, Obama said he wanted to cajole the other nuclear powers into agreeing international arms cuts.

This would include Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent as well as France’s force de frappe and could run into resistance.

John Hutton, the defence secretary, said at the weekend “there would have to be a very significant breakthrough in international nuclear weapons negotiations” before Britain’s arsenal could be put on the table.

t r u t h o u t | Miss Universe’s Excellent Adventure. Miss Universe visits Guantanomo…blogs about it…and then is censored.

Recession Lingo | Mother Jones.

In-sourcing: when workers float through different departments in lieu of temps.

BBR: buy, burn, and return. Buying DVDs or software from a store, burning them, and then returning them for a refund.

Intaxication: euphoria when receiving a tax refund.

Wii bum: a person who has no Wii of their own, so goes over to others’ houses largely to play their Wii for free.

Sellsumer: a consumer/entrepreneur who hawks insights and ideas to corporations to help sales.

TALF’d: Tricked into believing something big is going to happen when it doesn’t.

Ponzimonium: describes the recent spike in mini-Madoffs.

Furcation: an unpaid, forced holiday.

Shovel-ready: local infrastructure “ready to go” projects waiting for stimulus money.

Duppie: a downwordly-mobile urban professional.

Renoviction: when a landlord moves a tenant out during renovations and then jacks up the rent.

In Shanghai, Never Too Old for Barbie – washingtonpost.com.

“Barbie attracts me because she’s very feminine and independent…But most important are her pretty clothes.” — A shopper at the new 35,000-square-foot Barbie store in Shanghai.

Jezebel – When Your Childhood Bedroom Isn’t Yours Anymore – Relationships.

Jezebel – Giles Coren: “Vegetarianism Is An Eating Disorder” – Vegetarians.

Coren argues that vegetarianism (as well as food allergies) is just a means of drawing attention to one’s self, and states that maybe we’d all be better off if we stopped making a big deal about what we were eating, and just had a little meat now and then. He also pulls out the extremely tired (and debatable) “Hitler was a vegetarian, and he was crazy!” argument as a means to tie not eating meat with being a sociopath of sorts. “Meat tastes good. It carries vitamins and minerals with a unique efficiency that is critical to the maintenance of a healthy life. And it gives pigs, quite literally, a reason to live.”

Perhaps Coren has never met a vegetarian who is sane, eats a proper amount of food, and maintains a healthy, meat-free lifestyle. Or maybe he didn’t bother asking any vegetarians why they don’t eat meat, as many people don’t eat meat for religious reasons, or because of their stance on animal rights. The moral, spiritual, and ethical reasoning behind vegetarianism goes far beyond Coren’s view that all vegetarians are attention-seeking tattooed anorexic anarchists who would rather ruin society than eat meat. Albert Einstein, on the other hand, once said, “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

Mad About Michelle.

Someday we’ll get beyond obsessing about
first ladies–and by “we” I mean the sort of journalists who use “we” to mean “the vast majority of Americans” when it is usually just themselves and their friends. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is getting more bouquets from the media than any woman in public life since Mother Teresa. Her clothes, her looks, her height (six feet!), her curves, her delightful combination of warmth, simplicity, charm, dignity, humor and smarts. Gone are the days when National Review put her on the cover as “Mrs. Grievance,” when Maureen Dowd wondered aloud if Michelle’s wifely jokes about Barack’s foibles were “emasculating” and when Christopher Hitchens wrote in Slate that her undergraduate thesis, “Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community,” was not “written in any known language” and used it to tie her to Louis Farrakhan, a pair of African dictators and the Holocaust. Remember how Obama supporters fumed about that New Yorker cover cartoon of Barack as an Al Qaeda terrorist and Michelle as a rifle-toting Black Panther? People wouldn’t get that it was satire! Seems pretty silly now, doesn’t it? Yesterday’s fist-bumping radical is today’s mom in chief.

One of my new favorites: Sarah Haskin

Jezebel – Jo-Ann Fabrics Refuses To Carry “Controversial” Issue Of Quilter’s Home Magazine – quilts. Love these quilts [and some were not meant to be loved but commentary, but I didn’t post those here]:

Jesus Get Your Gun.

Jesus Get Your Gun.

Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel

What Would Jesus Bomb?

What Would Jesus Bomb?


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