Michelle Obama Oprah Interview: “My Happiness Is Tied To How I Feel About Myself”.

On exercise:

Well, I just started thinking, if I had to get up to go to work, I’d get up and go to work. If I had to get up to take care of my kids, I’d get up to do that. But when it comes to yourself, then it’s suddenly, “Oh, I can’t get up at 4:30.” So I had to change that. If I don’t exercise, I won’t feel good. I’ll get depressed. Of course, it’s easier to do it here, because I have much more support now. But I always think about women who don’t have support. That’s why work-family balance isn’t just a policy conversation; it’s about changing the expectations of who we have to be as women and parents.

Jenifer Fox: Our Education System Needs Transcendence, Not Fixing.

Over the past two weeks I learned that three teens in three different leading independent schools on the East Coast took their own lives. Two of them committed suicide on campus. While we can never fully know the reasons young people make such tragic choices, the evidence is clear that an education system that does not put young people first plays a major role, and the broken system is not confined to our public schools or the underprivileged. For even the most successful teens, high school has become an anxiety-producing machine–and we don’t seem able to reprogram it.

The silence surrounding Sri Lanka – The Boston Globe.  By Arundhati Roy [Author of God of Small Things and my favorite essay]

Schools are not businesses | The Progressive.

Government should offer incentives for homes to go green | The Progressive.

Truthdig – Reports – Seattle’s Lessons for London. By Amy Goodman.

Protests dominate the news as world leaders gather in London for the Group of Twenty meeting. War, the economy, corporate globalization and grass-roots opposition to financial bailouts are at the forefront.

Truthdig – A/V Booth – ‘How Did This Country Get Stuck With an Empire?’.

t r u t h o u t | Union Bill’s Declining Chances Give Rise to Alternatives.  Freedom to unionize should be a basic right.  If the Employee Free Choice Act is not passed, then companies are only prolonging the fight for their workers.  When it comes down to a better life, who would give up so easily?

Jezebel – The (Feminist) Times, They Are A-Changin’ – The end of feminism.

The End of the Women’s Movement | The American Prospect.

The era of the singular feminist agenda is over. But that doesn’t mean gender-based activism is.

Um, duh it was over via Third Wave Feminism…and gender-based activism will never be over so long as we recognize gender.


Oops, is that too mean?



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