New Administration Reversing Course on Many Environmental Policies – washingtonpost.com.

Truthdig – Reports – Where’s the Outrage Over Workers Getting the Shaft?.

Truthdig – Reports – Amy Goodman on ‘Standing Up to the Madness’.

Truthdig – Arts and Culture – Bill O’Reilly Boycotting Sean Penn Films.

DREAM Act Supporters Try Again | Mother Jones.

If you are the son or daughter of an illegal immigrant, brought to this country at a young age, you have the opportunity to go to high school, and with some complications, college. But frequently, that’s where your pursuit of the American dream ends — becoming a professional (i.e. using your expertise to contribute to the arts, letters, commerce, or social development of this country) can be immensely difficult. The DREAM Act, which was recently reintroduced in the House, would remedy that. It would give undocumented immigrants who arrived in this country before the age of 16 the opportunity to become American citizens if they have no criminal record and they complete two years of college or serve two years in the military.

The bill has its supporters. And they’ve got lots of reasons — moral and economic — why it ought to pass. But it failed last year in the Senate. One would think that an immigration bill would have conservative support if it only makes citizens out individuals in the undocumented population who (1) have raised themselves up from nothing to the point where they are ready and willing to contribute to society, (2) will not be taking low-wage jobs from everyday working Americans, and (3) who came to this country at such a young age that their illegal status was clearly something that happened to them, not that they chose. And yet, it faces persistent opposition from those who believe it is back-door amnesty. So if you’re the type to support legislation, and you are represented by a Blue Dog Democrat or a moderate Republican, consider picking up the phone.

t r u t h o u t | Texas Science Education Debate Over – but the Win Is a Loss.  I have to get out of here…

Women like this do exist in real life!? I mean I though they were just here in Aggieland:: What Feminism Wrought by Kathryn Jean Lopez on National Review Online.

Quote from Feministing Founder [because she said it so well]:Right, we’re just confused by all that equality – it’s clouding our ladybrains! Plus, everyone knows that women were never ever blamed for the violence done to them before feminists came around. Sigh.

Crime And Punishment: Rape Is Always Bad, Even When It Happens To “Bad” People.

The fact that prison rape has become an accepted part of prison culture and, in fact, viewed by some people in some cases as an acceptable retributory action isn’t acceptable. Incarceration is meant to be its own punishment, and so long as our society eschews the eye-for-an-eye system of punishment in cases of theft and other assaults — and, in some places, in cases of murder — then rapists (let alone anyone else) shouldn’t face sexual assaults as a form of social retributions for their crimes, let alone accept or venerate the rapists committing them.

Patient Money – When the Stork Carries a Pink Slip – NYTimes.com.

Here’s a pop quiz: Which of the following would violate federal employment law?

1. Laying off a pregnant woman.

2. Laying off a woman on maternity leave.

Pencils down. The answer is “neither.”

Renowned Hoo-Ha Doctor Wins Nobel Prize For Medical Advancements Down There | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source. [Unfortunatly in trying to create satire, The Onion is continuing the usual discourse surrounding women’s health–all avoidance of words that could make men uncomfortable.]

I started reading Bonk last night::Mary Roach, “Bonk” | Salon Life.

And because I’ve been watching Mad Men all weekend [and its weird now to think of these appliances after reading about old-school sex machines in Bonk:

kitchenaid electrolux sony-micro-tv whirlpool


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