Womanist Musings.

Imagine after a long day on your feet, that you decide to grab a seat on a bench when you discover that your perch is actually a scale that announces your weight in bright neon red numbers for the world to see.  There is no warning that you are sitting on a scale just the obvious public pronouncement of your weight.


Truthdig – Reports – Those Hit Hardest Get No Bailout. By: Amy Goodman

Dan Kennedy: To survive, newspapers must engage more people in civic life | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk.

Robert Redford: I Was Too Early on Solar Power — Let’s Not Be Too Late.

Dr. Cara Barker: Are You Choosing What You Really Love?.

Hero Who Relishes Anonymity Describes Rescue on Manhattan Subway Tracks – NYTimes.com.

Whoopie! Cookie, Pie or Cake, It’s Having Its Moment – NYTimes.com.

Jezebel Fix:

best of craigslist : Why I am not the perfect girl for you..

Previews: Wild Things.



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